Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival 2.7.-28.8.2016

So 23.08.2015 | 22:00 |Rendsburg | Büdelsdorf, Kunstwerk Carlshütte | K 158

The Big Six

The Big Six

Martin Grubinger, Percussion
The Percussive Planet Ensemble

Büdelsdorf, Kunstwerk Carlshütte Vorwerksallee 3, Büdelsdorf,

Martin Grubinger presents the six most important percussion works of our time

Gérard Grisey:
Le noir de l’étoile
Steve Reich:

The performance of Martin Grubinger and his Percussive Planet Ensemble in the old foundry building on the grounds of artwork Carlshütte in Büdelsdorf will be absolutely spectacular. During a half-day concert marathon, this world-class percussion ensemble performs the six most important percussion works of the 20th century within the historic walls of the old foundry. These six works will not only be impressive, but also the positioning of the six percussionists scattered around the audience. No less spectacular are the six works on the program, all absolute classics of percussion repertoire, tonally highly effective and visually quite an experience. Dynamism, power, coordination, concentration, perfect timing and a lot of perseverance - all of which must and will come together here. A place that was once dominated by the noise of an industrial company will now serve as the stage for a world-class percussion event.

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