Audition FAQ

Was my application successful? I haven’t received a confirmation mail, yet.

Your application will be processed by a member of the administration. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation mail. Due the large number of applications please understand that the confirmation can take some time.

Which movement of the violin concerto of my own choice do I have to play?

Please prepare the first movement including the cadenza

Can I play Beethoven’s violin concerto instead of a romantic concerto?


Are the secondary instruments mandatory?

Secondary instruments are optional but appreciated

As a saxophone player do I have to audition for every single instrument?

It is not mandatory to apply for every instrument, but it is appreciated!

Can I hand in a video audition?

In individual cases we accept video auditions. Please contact

Is there a fee to take part in the audition?

Yes. The fee is 50 Euro. For musicians in south America it is 15 Euro.

I have registered for the audition but have to cancel it. Will the fee be reimbursed?

Once the fee is paid it cannot be reimbursed

I am only a couple of weeks older/ younger than the age limit. Can I still take the audition?


Is there an accompanist at the audition?

No. You can bring your own accompanist but it is not mandatory. We cannot guarantee a piano at every audition location. If you plan to bring an accompanist please send an email to to ask if there is a piano available.

When do I have to be at the audition location?

Please be there at least 30 Minutes before your audition. It is advisable to be there early enough to warm up. There will be warm up rooms available.

When will I receive my audition time?

Due a number of cancellation we send out the individual audition times approximately one week before the audition to avoid waiting times.

When will the results of the audition will be released?

The results will be sent by email at the beginning of March. 

What is the audition procedure?

There are five applicants per hour. There will be a schedule with the order for the audition. When it is your time please go to the audition room. There will be no staff to pick you up for your audition.