Sa 29.07.2017 | 16:00 |Lübeck | Europäisches Hansemuseum, Open Air | K 111

Daniel Hope's family heirloom (sold out)

Daniel Hope's family heirloom (sold out)

Daniel Hope, Violin

Europäisches Hansemuseum, Open Air An der Untertrave 1, Lübeck,

Daniel Hope solo

The concert series "Daniel Hope’s Family heirloom" has been a huge success in the past two years. The concept of finding places in the Hanseatic city with a special aura and filling them with music has been fascinating both locals and artists alike. The driving force behind the project is Daniel Hope, who once again has invited some of his great "family" – musician friends from all over the world - to perform in eleven one-hour concerts in Lübeck. "For my third ‘family pieces’ festival in Lübeck this year, I would like to focus primarily on my American musician family. For the past 14 years I have been running the Savannah Music Festival together with two colleagues in the beautiful city of Savannah in Georgia, one of the oldest in America. For the first time, all three artistic directors of this festival, which has the most diverse musical genres in its program, will perform together outside of America. I am thrilled to welcome the Jazz legend, Marcus Roberts, and the Mandolin Bluegrass King, Mike Marshall, to Lübeck. Savannah is a meeting place for American and European artists every year. In Lübeck, too, we will continue this principle - with some of the best chamber music works in the world. An integral part of the "Family Pieces" project in the past years has been the word-music programs. The actor Sebastian Koch and I have known each other for years, but our first joint project, Paradise, will take place this year in Lübeck. Once again, there will be a family concert this year and new "relatives" will be joining. This year, the new artists include cellist Claudio Bohórquez, the organist Katta (Kateřina Chroboková) and the mandolinist Caterina Lichtenberg. This is exciting! We look forward to seeing you and to visiting Lübeck!”

The Lübeck Music Festival "Daniel Hope's family heirloom" supported by Possehl-Stiftung

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