Fr 04.08.2017 | 20:00 |Glückstadt | Stadtkirche | K 135

Klaus Florian Vogt - sold out

Klaus Florian Vogt - sold out

Klaus Florian Vogt, Tenor
Jobst Schneiderat, Piano

Stadtkirche Am Kirchplatz, Glückstadt,

Franz Schubert:
Die schöne Müllerin D 796

Schubert's song cycle “Die schöne Müllerin” is very current, says Klaus Florian Vogt in the program “Kunscht!” on SWR, because it speaks to people on an emotional level. “Basically, there are little stories and feelings that everyone knows. And I think that's why it has not lost any sense of actuality at all.” Vogt, the star tenor from Dithmarschen, has discovered songs such as these more and more over the last few years. He especially likes the history of love and suffering of the wandering character. Vogt takes a special interest in the inner life of his characters, and he is particularly interested in their fragile, doubting side. He sees this not only in a failed figure like that in “Die schöne Müllerin,” but also in many “heroes,” which he embodies on the opera stage. The audience has a chance to get much closer to these emotions during a song evening like this one.

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