Di 18.07.2017 | 20:00 |Glückstadt | Stadtkirche | K 65

Martin Stadtfeld - sold out

Martin Stadtfeld - sold out

Martin Stadtfeld, Piano

Stadtkirche Am Kirchplatz, Glückstadt,

Maurice Ravel:
Menuet antique
Johann Sebastian Bach:
Ouvertüre nach französischer Art BWV831
Goldberg Variations BWV988

In recent years, many renowned artists have embraced the SHMF's main composer focus and have put works on their programs that are not normally part of their repertoire. This is how, during Martin Stadfeld's piano evening, a piece of music will make it onto the program that one really wouldn’t have expected: Ravel's “Menuet antique,” written in 1895. This was cleverly chosen, for the minuet is of French origin, and the form of the minuet became popular in the Baroque period. Thus, Martin Stadtfeld has formed a bridge to Bach's overture in the French style, which is rarely heard in concert. After the break, we’ll hear Bach's “Goldberg Variations,” the work that Stadtfeld chose for his debut CD, released in 2003, and which made him classical music star.

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