Sa 16.07.2016 | 21:00 |Großhansdorf | Auferstehungskirche | K 60

Choir night

Choir night

Christian Schmitt, Organ
NDR Choir
Philipp Ahmann, Conductor

Auferstehungskirche Alte Landstraße 20, Großhansdorf,

Motets and mass' by M. Haydn, Duruflé and Bruckner

The night concerts with the NDR Choir and an instrumental soloist have emerged in the last two years as a very special Festival program point. In the contemplative atmosphere of a church space, the audience can enjoy works of a peaceful character, letting you forget all the chaos of life. The finely balanced interplay of sacred a-cappella choral music and a single, meditative "voice" of instrumental soloists creates a unique atmosphere that is completely dominated by peace, tranquility and harmony. The selection of choral works is oriented towards the respective SHMF featured composer. So the choice fell this year, in addition to works by Anton Bruckner and Maurice Durflé, to Michael Haydn, the younger brother of Joseph Haydn, who was much more working on church music than his older brother did, and whose works are still waiting to be discovered.

Supported by Großhansdorf Stiftung

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