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Young talents from all over the world are invited to participate in the masterclasses of Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival. Besides professional lessons, different workshops for musicians will be offered. All Masterclasses end with a public concert within the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival.
Accomodation and lunch are included in the course fee.
Course fee: € 450,-
Course fee Ensemble: € 300,- per person
If participation is not possible for you for financial reasons, please contact us to find an individual solution. 

Workshops: During the instrumental courses, one-on-one sessions on dispokinesis, physical therapy, and emTrace (emotion coaching) are offered to participants.


The University of Music Lübeck offers ideal conditions for our Masterclasses. You’ll find not only numerous practice opportunities and generous classrooms but as well a creative atmosphere for artistic exchanges.

The Masterclasses are open to the public. Auditors are warmly welcome.


1) Fill out the application form online and pay an application fee of € 25,-
2) Send your CV and 2-3 audio recordings (YouTube-links if possible) to masterclasses[at]


The application is valid only, if you have applied online until April 30th 2022 and the handling charge of 25,- Euro has been transferred successfully onto our account. The handling charge can be paid via debit, credit card (Visa, Master) or PayPal. Cash payment is not possible. All bank fees must be paid by the applicant. The handling charge will not be refunded. Application deadline: April 30th 2022.

The registration deadline for the King's Singers course has been extended: May 31, 2022.

Note: Please contact us via masterclasses[at] if there is any problem with your online application.

Online Application


Active participants will be selected via CD/Youtube-links by the respective teacher (for any special requirements, please have a look at the course information of the respective teacher). Until mid-June you will be notified about the results by the organisation office. 

Insurance & disclaimer

Every participant is responsible for his or her own medical insurance. The SHMF is neither liable for any loss or damage of the participants’ instruments, personal property and possessions nor in the case of damage caused by the participant


The SHMF reserves all objective, temporary and local rights on any photo and sound recordings made at the masterclasses.


All events in the University of Music, Lübeck are open to active participants and guest auditors.


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