Next year's composer's retrospective: Johannes Brahms!

The Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival (SHMF) will conclude its series of composer retrospectives, which began in 2014, next year with the Hamburg-born composer and piano virtuoso Johannes Brahms (1833-1897). 

Johannes Brahms spent his childhood and youth in northern Germany and although his chosen residence later became the music capital Vienna, he always remained connected to his roots: In letters to his father, he remembers "Heide better than many other places". He describes Kiel and Düsternbrook as "beautiful" and recommends a longer trip through Schleswig-Holstein, because "it's said to be magnificent!"
While Franz Schubert, focus composer 2021, paved the way for Romanticism, Johannes Brahms led that epoch to its conclusion - and beyond: his works were groundbreaking for the beginning of Modernism. Both retrospectives thus form a delightful contrast and invite us to explore musical styles in the mirror of their times. 

In the coming festival summer, the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival will present a selection of the oeuvre of Johannes Brahms. The audience will experience his grand symphonies as well as his chamber music. In addition, the focus will also be on modern adaptations that bring Johannes Brahms' work to life in a highly contemporary way. 

"Do you wish to roam farther and farther? See the good that lies so near.', Goethe says. Johannes Brahms, who comes from northern Germany, has always seemed too close to us in recent years. But now we are dedicating the 2022 retrospective to him at the end of the composer series. His oeuvre shapes concert programmes all over the world. But after intensive discussions, we realised that we can look at Brahms' work and life from new perspectives. In the process, we are discovering entirely new aspects and creative explorations of his work, which we will pursue with relish next year," says Festival Director Dr. Christian Kuhnt. 

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