Isata Kanneh-Mason bei der Preisverleihung.

Preisträgerkonzert Leonard Bernstein Award, SHMF, 20.08.21
Film portrait about
Isata Kanneh-Mason

The young British pianist Isata Kanneh-Mason won the Leonard Bernstein Award this year. Since 2002, the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe has donated the Leonard Bernstein Award, worth 10,000 euros, within the programme of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. The internationally renowned prize for young musicians has been awarded to Lang Lang, Martin Grubinger, Anna Vinnitskaya, Cameron Carpenter, Krzysztof Urbański and most recently Stathis Karapanos. 

The Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe accompanied the prize-winner on film during her stay in Schleswig-Holstein and spoke not only with her but also with jury member Christoph Eschenbach.

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