Kletkamp / Alte Reithalle

Kletkamp / Alte Reithalle

The Kletkamp estate lies on the edge of Holstein Switzerland in a deep lowland filled with watercourses and ponds. The oldest manor house in Schleswig-Holstein, built in 1547, stands at the centre of the estate. Another important building on the estate is the gatehouse from 1775 with richly ornamented masonry and strongly curved covers decorated with small obelisks. It is one of the most beautiful gatehouses in the country. Right in the middle is the indoor riding arena built in 1838, which was extensively rebuilt for events in 2012/2013. With their magnificent truss roof construction, events can be celebrated with a very special flair. The estate also became famous as the location for the "Immenhof" films. In 2019, the Alte Reithalle receives SHMF visitors for the first time.




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