Elbeforum Brunsbüttel
Brunsbüttel / Elbeforum
Brunsbüttel / Elbeforum

Elbeforum Brunsbüttel was established as a modern cultural center on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein in 1992 after three years of construction. The Elbeforum is run by the Volkshochschule Brunsbüttel e.V. (adult education center), which offers a wide range event programming from all aspects of the artistic spectrum. Alongside theater, music, and cabaret, the fine arts are also accommodated in the city-gallery room, which was inaugurated in 1992 with an art exhibition by Joseph Beuys. The large auditorium of the Elbeforum offers room for 800 guests. The latest image and sound technology make sure that only the best acoustical conditions are achieved in the auditorium.


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25541 Brunsbüttel

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