Lübeck / St.-Andreas-Kirche
Lübeck / St.-Andreas-Kirche

The picturesque location on the Trave and the proximity to the Baltic Sea, the surrounding forest and the inner-German Green Belt make pilgrims stop by the Fishermen's Church of St. Andreas. A chapel was first mentioned in 1425 in "Vretup"; this is the oldest documented place name, which then developed over time via Sluckop, Slukup to Schlutup. The octagonal church of St. Andreas, begun in 1436 in the style of North German brick Gothic, is reminiscent in its form of a Hanseatic cog. The Fischerkirche St. Andreas has very good acoustics and has about 250 numbered seats.


16 Aug. 2024
5:00 p.m.


Schlutuper Kirchstraße 17
23568 Lübeck

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