Kiel / Förde Sparkasse am Lorentzendamm
Förde Sparkasse am Lorentzendamm

The central office of the Förde Sparkasse at Lorentzendamm 28-30 was built in 1910 according to the design of the royal government building officer Wilhem Martens. In 1935 the architect Ernst Prinz supplemented the building with an additional wing on the Bergstraße. The Sparkasse building, badly damaged by an air raid in May of 1944, was reconstructed following the original plans in 1946. After a 4-year construction period, the newly formed “Kundenhalle” was officially opened in 1979 along with an additional modern building extension and a parking garage. In 1985, the façade of the main building was restored to its original form and officially placed under historical preservation. In 1996 the Kundenhalle underwent reconstruction and essential modernization overseen by the Hamburg architectural offices Böthe, Richter, Teherani. Since then, this has been the host of a varying degree of events, including exhibitions and concerts.


18 Aug. 2024
7:30 p.m.

Arrival by public transport


Lorentzendamm 28-30
24103 Kiel

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