Kiel / Hebbelschule
Kiel / Hebbelschule

The Hebbel School goes back to a municipal secondary school founded in 1897. In 1922 it was given its present name after the German dramatist Friedrich Hebbel. Surrounded by a green zone, the Hebbel School has been located on Kiel's Feldstraße, not far from the Kiel Fjord, since 1958. As »Europaschule« it offers an extensive exchange program. In addition, the musical-artistic area is given special emphasis through numerous study groups in the afternoons. In 2023, the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival will have its first concert in the auditorium of the Hebbelschule.


08 Aug. 2024
7:30 p.m.


Feldstraße 177-179
24106 Kiel

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