Das Savoy-Kino in Bordesholm
Bordesholm / Savoy Kino
Das Savoy-Kino in Bordesholm
Savoy Kino

The Savoy in Bordesholm has existed since 1950 and is one of the last »village cinemas« in Schleswig-Holstein. The program focuses on current art house films, regularly supplemented by children's films, documentaries or film history series. Run by a non-profit association with a volunteer team, the 50s-style Savoy also offers comedy and cabaret, Low German theater and readings, as well as concerts ranging from rock, blues and jazz to classical music. In 2022, the Savoy was once again awarded the main prize of the Schleswig-Holstein Cinema Prize in the category »Cinema as a Cultural Venue« and the Cinema Prize of the Deutsche Kinemathek Berlin. 



Schulstraße 7
24582 Bordesholm

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