Schleswig / Schloss Gottorf, Hirschsaal
Schleswig / Schloss Gottorf, Hirschsaal
Schloss Gottorf, Hirschsaal

The Dukes Friedrich III. and Christian Albrecht vonSchleswig-Holstein-Gottorf drove the cultural expansion of their residence in Gottorf, primarily through ambitious garden projects. From 1637 to 1694, they oversaw the completion of an Italian-inspired Baroque garden with its Hercules pond in the south, six garden terraces, a summer palace and magnificent open stairways. With the beginning of the 18th Century, the garden began to fall into disrepair and was later converted into riding grounds for the Prussian Garrison in 1864. Starting in 1984, the original garden began to be restored piece by piece. Today, six garden terraces stretching over an area of 25,500m²once again invite visitors to enjoy relaxing strolls in nature.


10 Aug. 2023
7:30 p.m.

Arrival by public transport
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24837 Schleswig

Note for visitors: Die Spielstätte ist nicht für Rollstuhlfahrer geeignet.

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