Schuppen C
Schuppen C

The northern wall-peninsula served as a prototype of the later expansion to the Port of Hamburg and the industrialization of all large seaports around the world. The former city fortification was remodeled according to plans by Peter Rehder to become the once most modern seaport in Europe. From this construction, the quays and bridges, port railway tracks, parts of the loading and unloading facilities, and the former dockyards have been preserved. Schuppen C, built in 1901, is the oldest of four storage facilities on Kulenkampkai. It consists of two wooden buildings, which are surrounded by stone wing structures. Due to damage sustained in the war, Schuppen C was partially rebuilt in 1956. A lattice frame construction made it possible to build the halls much higher and with only an inner row of columns. This construction also makes it possible to set up a stage and a grandstand for 500 visitors, allowing this unique space to serve as an SHMF concert venue.


09 Aug. 2023
7:30 p.m.

Arrival by public transport
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Willy-Brandt-Allee 31c
23554 Lübeck

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