Bad Schwartau / St. Fabian und St. Sebastian
Bad Schwartau / St. Fabian und St. Sebastian
Bad Schwartau
St. Fabian und St. Sebastian

The St. Fabian- and St. Sebastian-Kirche zu Rensefeld (church) is located at the eastern exit of the city of Bad Schwartau, traveling west in the direction of Pohnsdorf. The church is surrounded by a stone wall that also encircles the old cemetery. The old cemetery, however, has not added any new graves in the past 150 years. The compact construction style of the church, the apse of bricks from the first Lübeck brick works in the east and the defiant-looking square tower of brick and stone gave the Rensefelder church its unique character as the young village began to grow around it. Urban changes in recent decades, however, have changed this impression, but the original village footprint is still visible due to the village pond located near the church.


10 Aug. 2024
7:30 p.m.

Arrival by public transport


Alt Rensefeld 24
23611 Bad Schwartau

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