Kappeln / St. Nikolai-Kirche
Kappeln / St. Nikolai-Kirche
St. Nikolai-Kirche

The St. Nikolai Church is situated on the steep bank of the Schlei in an exposed location and characterises the city silhouette. It is the last late baroque hall church building in northern Germany. It was built from 1789-1793 by Johann Adam Richter, a pupil of Georg Sonnin, the builder of the Hamburg "Michel". Already in the 12th century there was a chapel on this spot, which gave the place its name. In the 15th century the chapel was replaced by a church. For the seafarers it was the last supply station before the open Baltic Sea. Thus the tower of St. Nikolai's Church, which followed the now dilapidated church, does not carry a rooster as a weather vane, but a figure of Christophorus, the patron saint of travellers and sailors. The interior already has classicistic features. Some features were taken from the predecessor church, including the altarpiece by Hans Gudewerdt the Younger from Eckernförde, which is an important work of northern German cartilage baroque. Unusual the ensemble of altar, pulpit and organ on top of each other (palace facade).  The two horseshoe-shaped galleries created 1,400 seats, of which 1,100 are still available since the renovation in 1968-1969.


02 Aug. 2024
7:30 p.m.


Rathausmarkt 1
24376 Kappeln

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