SHMF-Pressekonferenz zur Festival-Saison 2022, 25.02.22 Sponsoren-Dinner des SHMF, 05.11.21 Sponsoren-Dinner des SHMF, 05.11.21

Sponsorship at the SHMF

We distinguish between four main models of partnership:

Concert/Presenting Sponsors, and Product Partners

Through their targeted support, they help make specific concerts and projects possible. These events become the exclusive platforms for a range of possible individual measures for our sponsors.

Corporate Initiative, SHMF Lounge

Corporate Initiative members become involved through their yearly financial support of the Festival in general, enabling core aspects of the artistic program to continue.

Local Cultural Initiative

Through the combined efforts of small and medium-sized local organizations, local cultural initiatives make long-term planning and concerts possible, right where you are.