So 16.08.2020 | 19:30 |Hamburg | Elbphilharmonie, Kleiner Saal | K 166



Marianna Shirinyan, Klavier

Elbphilharmonie, Kleiner Saal Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, Hamburg,

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Klaviersonate Nr. 21 C-Dur op. 53 »Waldstein«
sowie Bagatellen
Carl Nielsen:
Chaconne op. 32
u. a.

The conductor and composer Friedrich Starke remarked that Ludwig van Beethoven’s Bagatelles Op. 119 are more than just “trifles”. In the preface of his influential Wiener Pianoforte Schule, he praised the short pieces written between 1820 and 1822: “This contribution is entitled “Kleinigkeiten” (Trifles), but the expert will soon notice that not only the peculiar genius of the famous master is brilliantly revealed in each movement, but that these pieces, which Beethoven so humbly called “Kleinigkeiten,” are just as instructive for the player as they require the most perfect penetration into the spirit of the composition.” The Armenian pianist Marianna Shirinyan combines the small-format works of the birthday boy with catchy humoresque bagatelles by Carl Nielsen. She also plays Beethoven’s Waldstein Sonata – a real showpiece for any pianist of symphonic dimensions. But that’s not all: With Rued Langgaard, the audience can look forward to the discovery of another exciting Scandinavian composer.

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