Sun. 15 Aug. 2021 | 7:00 p.m. | Husum | Messe Husum & Congress | K 121

Charlie Chaplin in Concert

Charlie Chaplin in Concert

Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra
Stefan Geiger, conductor

Messe Husum & Congress Am Messeplatz 16-18, Husum,

Charlie Chaplin: The Kid
The complete film with live music

A box office hit in its day, the 1921 film The Kid by all-round genius Charlie Chaplin – who not only starred in the film but also directed, wrote, edited, produced, and arranged the music – is still hugely popular today. Touching and peppered with the finest slapstick interludes, the story of a tramp who makes sacrifices to care for an orphaned boy will not leave a dry eye in the house. The unmistakable melodies, which Charlie Chaplin coincided with the images on screen, also contributed significantly to the enormous success of the film. Instead of becoming lost in the details, the composer describes the basic mood of the respective scene in large arcs. Played live by the Festival Orchestra, the original soundtrack unfolds its full effect and draws the listener directly into the action, while the entire film is shown on the big screen. With the film music specialist and conductor Stefan Geiger, a musician returns to the Festival Orchestra who himself was once a member in his student days as a trombonist and subsequently rendered outstanding services to the promotion of young musicians at the SHMF as a lecturer and jury member.

Supported by Festivalverein
FILMPHILHARMONIC EDITION, courtesy of Roy Export S.A.S., Music courtesy of Bourne Music Publishers

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