Fr 28.08.2020 | 20 |Hamburg | St. Michaelis | K 207

Dänische Sommernacht

Dänische Sommernacht

Mädchenchor des Dänischen Rundfunks
Phillip Faber, Leitung

St. Michaelis Englische Planke 1, Hamburg,

Chorwerke von Nielsen u. a.

On warm summer evenings in Scandinavian countries, the tradition of singing old songs together still holds strong. In Danish, there is even a special word for singing in community with others: “fællessang.” The folk and traditional songs that almost every Dane can sing along to are an integral part of the country’s cultural heritage and are the musical foundation for the girls’ choir of Denmark’s broadcasting station Radio Denmark. The choir, which today is one of the best girls’ choirs in the world, looks back on a long tradition and is an important cultural ambassador for the country. Time and again, the 50 girls open the eyes of their public to the vibrant Danish culture and move confidently between old church songs and modern works. No wonder, then, that the most famous Danish girls’ choir will be singing Carl Nielsen songs and other works by composers associated with him in a year when the SHMF is dedicating its retrospective to Denmark’s most important song composer.

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