Mi 10.07.2019 | 20 |Elmshorn | Reithalle | K 17

Daniel Hope

Wunder-Geiger Daniel Hope in der Bar Razzia (ZH) 9.12.16 Foto: Nicolas Zonvi

Daniel Hope, Violin
Zurch Chamber Orchestra
Willi Zimmermann, Concert master

Reithalle Westerstr. 93, Elmshorn,

Bach and Friends

“If Bruce Springsteen is called the boss of rock music, then Johann Sebastian Bach is certainly our boss!” said Daniel Hope some time ago in an interview with the Berliner Morgenpost. It’s clear – Bach is the genius par excellence, and from today’s point of view especially his contemporaries pale beside the Thuringian master. But Bach was quite influenced by his fellow musicians, editing their works if they pleased him. In the period around 1700, Italian instrumental music, which also attracted interest from Bach, caused a furore. As is known, he edited numerous violin concertos by Vivaldi for harpsichord or organ. The Zurich Chamber Orchestra and its new Music Director Daniel Hope pursue all these mutual influences in their program “Bach and Friends,” which contains not only two of Bach’s long-standing favorites but also a host of other popular Baroque violin concertos as well as Pachelbel’s famous canon.

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