Fr 24.08.2018 | 20 |Kiel | Schloss | K 195

Daniil Trifonov


Daniil Trifonov, Piano

Schloss Burgstr., Kiel,

Works by Schumann, Grieg, Chopin, Rachmaninov and others

“There are so many different facets and moods in Chopin's music that go far beyond the composer's usual image. And that's what I wanted to bring out,” says Daniil Trifonov in the trailer for his new double album "Evocations", which he released in October 2017 and the highlights of which he will perform live at the SHMF. Trifonov, whom even magnificos of the piano guild consider to be a once-a-century talent, presents a subtle character study of Chopin in "Evocations", which rejects all stubbornly persisting clichés of the bonvivant and composer of dreamy, melancholic and sentimental music and instead exposes chasms and fractures. He accomplishes this with the help of composers who have conjured the spirit of Chopin in their music – including this year's SHMF spotlight composer Robert Schumann, who in 1831 published an enthusiastic review of Chopin's Variations on “Là ci darem la mano,” Op. 2 in the Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung, and also created a musical monument of Chopin with the twelfth piece of his piano cycle "Carnaval".

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