Sa 22.08.2020 | 20 |Hamburg | Blankeneser Kirche am Markt | K 186

Danish String Quartet

Danish String Quartet

Dénise Beck, Sopran
Danish String Quartet

Blankeneser Kirche am Markt Mühlenberger Weg 64, Hamburg,

Carl Nielsen:
Streichquartett Nr. 2 g-Moll op. 13
sowie ausgewählte Lieder und Folkmusic

An unbridled love of music, a friendly atmosphere, and a refreshing combination of classical music and folk – the perfect way to describe a concert evening with the Danish String Quartet. Or in their own words: “Breaking down music to a level where you can sit together with nice people in your living room with food, drinks, and lots of music just like in the old days – this is what it’s all about for us!” In recent years, the ensemble has worked intensively on Carl Nielsen’s string quartets; they are considered to be particularly formative for the development of Nielsen’s own sound language. On their highly praised recordings, the ensemble illuminates Nielsen’s quartet in a new light and carries its musical heritage into the modern age. At the SHMF, the charmingly natural musicians will perform the string quartets over three evenings, complemented with other traditional melodies by the Danish composer. For Nielsen’s artful songs, the young soprano Dénise Beck, whose powerful voice is evident on her album The Unknown Carl Nielsen, will accompany the quartet on two evenings.

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