Di 23.07.2019 | 20 |Bordesholm | Klosterkirche | K 58

Flowers for Tabea

Tabea Zimmermann Photo: Marco Borggreve

Tabea Zimmermann, Viola

Klosterkirche Lindenplatz, Bordesholm,

Works by Bach, Reger and Kurtág

Flower for Tabea is the title of a piece from György Kurtág’s work in progress Signs, Games and Messages. Of course, this work from 2000 for viola solo refers to the great German violist Tabea Zimmermann. Kurtág made a musical monument to her with this composition, albeit a very tragic one: Shortly before, her husband David Shallon, the conductor and father of her two older children, unexpectedly died of an asthma attack while on tour in Japan. Tabea Zimmermann is the dedicatee of numerous other works of important composers – she is that good and so pleasant that everyone loves her to be the artist performing a new piece be it for the first time or not. Tabea Zimmermann will present two different programs at this year's festival: first as a duo with the Hungarian pianist Dénes Várjon, and a day later with original works and arrangements of Bach’s cello suites for viola solo.

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