Thu. 29 Jul. 2021 | 4:30 p.m. | Schleswig | Schloss Gottorf, Sommerwiese, Open Air | K 78A

Happy Birthday, Maestro!

Happy Birthday, Maestro!

David Geringas, cello
Jens Peter Maintz, cello
Thomas Grossenbacher, cello
Troels Svane, cello
Andrei Ioniţă, cello
Ian Fountain, piano

Schloss Gottorf, Sommerwiese, Open Air Schloßinsel 1, Schleswig,

Works by
Richard Strauss, Giuseppe Verdi and Peter Tschaikowsky

With almost 100 CD recordings, concerts worldwide with the most renowned orchestras and conductors, and countless prizes and awards, hardly anyone has left a mark on the musical culture of the last few decades like star cellist David Geringas. While it is usually the names of famous teachers that adorn the biographies of world-class musicians, David Geringas, who himself studied with cello legend Mstislav Rostropovich, can boast an entire squad of renowned students – Sol Gabetta being one of them. This illustrates how important it has always been for the dedicated pedagogue to pass on his versatile skills and profound knowledge in addition to developing his own career. So, it comes as little surprise that he spends his jubilee day in the company of his students and grand disciples. David Geringas has been associated with the SHMF since two performances in the founding year of 1986, which have been followed by numerous concerts and master classes throughout the 35-year history of the festival. That he is now celebrating his 75th birthday on 29 July with a concert at the SHMF, of all places, is a great honor. Come and celebrate with us!

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