Dom Lübeck
In Paradisum
13 Aug. 2022
Sat. 13 Aug. 20227:30 p.m.Lübeck DomK 150
Sat. 13 Aug. 20227:30 p.m.Lübeck DomK 150

In Paradisum


Iwona Sobotka, soprano
Sophie Harmsen, alto
Benjamin Appl, baritone
Flensburger Bach-Chor
Symphonischer Chor Hamburg
Elbipolis Barockorchester
Matthias Janz, conductor


Johannes Brahms:
Song of Destiny, Op. 54
Rhapsody for contralto, male chorus, and orchestra, Op. 53
Nänie, Op. 82
Gabriel Fauré:
Requiem, Op. 48
Pēteris Vasks:
Pater noster (a cappella)

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It is striking that Johannes Brahms, when selecting poems for his choral works, often sought out texts that deal with man’s loneliness and his dependence on the forces of fate. Friedrich Hölderlin, for example, describes man’s endless suffering in the poem of the same name for the “Song of Destiny”. Brahms composed the “Alto Rhapsody”, the text of was taken from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Winter Journey in the Harz”, full of heartache after Clara Schumann’s daughter married someone else. “Nänie” also has a sad background: Friedrich Schiller wrote the text while mourning the death of a friend – his words lament that everything must pass away. Brahms’ music, on the other hand, sounds anything but bitter and sad. Rather, it manages to comfort and open perspectives – whether through the instrumental postlude in the “Song of Destiny” or the repetition of hopeful words at the end of “Nänie”. This effect is reinforced by the combination of Pēteris Vasks’ “Pater noster” (Our Father) and Gabriel Fauré’s “Requiem”, which concludes with the conciliatory hymn “In paradisum”.