Wed. 04 Aug. 2021 | 5:00 p.m. | Hamburg | Bucerius Kunst Forum | K 102A

Intermediate Worlds

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Christian Brückner, reading
Hideyo Harada, piano

Bucerius Kunst Forum Alter Wall 12, Hamburg,

Intermediate worlds –
Adalbert Stifter’s Ein Gang durch die Katakomben and
Franz Schubert’s last piano sonata

Franz Schubert’s last piano sonata in B flat major, completed two months before his death, opens up a world rarely presented with such intensity up to that point: the composer creates here a panorama of the soul of almost dizzying abysmal depths and emotional expanse. There is no doubt about it: here the listener sees with his inner eye a landscape that tells of the “last things” like mild resignation and deep sorrow and illuminates longings while providing gentle consolation. A few years later, the Austrian poet Adalbert Stifter describes with the same vividness in the story Ein Gang durch die Katakomben (A Walk through the Catacombs) similar experiences when visiting the burial chambers under St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. Schubert’s sonata and Stifter’s text are performed alternately. Hideyo Harada, who has already released a highly acclaimed CD recording of the Schubert Sonata, and Stifter connoisseur Christian Brückner will create together this musical-literary dialog of timeless validity and topicality.

The concert takes place in collaboration with the Bucerius Kunst Forum.

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