Di 27.08.2019 | 20 |Hamburg | Elbphilharmonie, Großer Saal | K 189

Ivo Pogorelich

Ivo Pogorelich

Ivo Pogorelich, Piano

Elbphilharmonie, Großer Saal Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, Hamburg,

Johann Sebastian Bach:
Englisch Suite no.3 in G-flat minor BWV808
Ludwig van Beethoven:
Sonata in B major op.22
Frédéric Chopin:
Barcarolle in F-sharp major op.60
Prélude in C-sharp minor op.45
Maurice Ravel:
Gaspard de la nuit

It is always said that Ravel's "Gaspard de la nuit" is the most difficult piano work of all time. That's certainly true, if you have the technical virtuoso, even acrobatic side in mind. However, Ivo Pogorelich, who put Ravel's masterpiece at the end of his program, found in the book "Great Contemporary Pianists Speak for Themselves" published in 1991 that he considered Bach's music to be the most difficult and challenging. Since he was 14 or 15 years old, he dreamed of playing Bach's English Suites. At that time it was also clear to him that they came from the pen of a genius - "brilliant", "fantastic" works. For years he carried the works with him in his thoughts, heard them again and again, and dealt with them. He waited so long, until he had the feeling to penetrate the pieces completely. When he was finally ready, he played them in concert for a year and then went to the studio to record numbers 2 and 3. With the third one he also opens this concert.

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