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Jean Rondeau

Photo Jean Rondeau

Jean Rondeau, Harpsichord

St. Cyriacus-Kirche Lindenstraße 2, Kellinghusen,

Johann Sebastian Bach:
Goldberg Variations BWV988

Highly talented people are always putting you in awe. A five-year-old boy expresses a desire to learn harpsichord and, from that moment on, receives lessons from a master in her field, Blandine Verlet. No doubt: Jean Rondeau is an outstanding talent. He studied piano, organ, choir conducting, composition, and musicology in Paris and London and is also interested in jazz and improvisation. Now, as the exclusive artist of Erato/Warner Classics, the Parisian born in 1991 has presented three fantastic records with works from the French Baroque and the Bach family, shedding a completely different light on his instrument. But as dynamic, fresh, and unconventional as Jean Rondeau is, he is not willing to compromise. He looks “cool,” but being a showman is not his thing. He considers naturalness and honesty extremely important in music – as well as curiosity, which is what inspired him, even as a toddler, to pursue a not-so-hip instrument.

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