Do 09.07.2020 | 20 |Bordesholm | Klosterkirche | K 19

Lieder des Nordens

Lieder des Nordens

Musica Ficta
Bo Holten, Dirigent

Klosterkirche Lindenplatz, Bordesholm,

Traditionelle Lieder von Carl Nielsen

Carl Nielsen and Danish music heritage are synonymous in the minds of the Danish people. Nielsen inspired many other Danish composers and poets, who expanded the repertoire of this genre. Nielsen’s two songbooks “En Snes danske Viser,” which he created at the suggestion of his friend Thomas Laub, contributed to the establishment of Denmark’s strong song tradition. Laub, an organist from Copenhagen, wanted to compose a collection of new Danish songs together with Nielsen that all Danes could sing. Published in 1915 and 1917, the audience received the songbooks enthusiastically. Their melodies became common place in Danish homes, in assembly halls, and at public events – and they still are today. The vocal ensemble Musica Ficta, which Bo Holten founded in 1996, will present Nielsen’s finely nuanced song compositions with the greatest devotion and skill at the SHMF.

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