Mo 03.08.2020 | 13 |Föhr | Alkersum, Museum Kunst der Westküste | K 109



Nordic String Quartet
Marthe Husum, Viola

Alkersum, Museum Kunst der Westküste Hauptstraße, Alkersum/Föhr,

Kammermusik aus Skandinavien

An audience favorite, the SHMF Lunch Concerts have been taking place since 2014. No wonder, because the concert format appeals to several senses at the same time: Sitting and socializing at tables spread across the room, the audience directs its full attention to the stage as soon as the musicians begin to play. As soon as a movement fades to an end, everyone turns back to their menus and lively conversation between concert-goers ensues once again. A real feast for the ears and the palate at the same time!

Supported by FERRING Arzneimittel GmbH

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