Mi 29.07.2020 | 20 |Bordesholm | Klosterkirche | K 87

Michala Petri

Michala Petri

Michala Petri, Blockflöte
Lars Hannibal, Gitarre

Klosterkirche Lindenplatz, Bordesholm,

Werke von Bach, Corelli, Dowland, Nielsen, Grieg u. a.

Does the recorder belong solely to the Baroque age? Certainly not exclusively, if you ask Michala Petri. The artist, the recipient of four ECHO Klassik awards, has been expanding the “classical” repertoire of the recorder for over 40 years. She carefully selects pieces that correspond to the nature of her instrument. In the end, however, only one thing counts: the expressiveness of the interpretation. “The music is the most important thing, not the instrument – the same applies to the recorder for me. My goal is the adequate and best possible musical expression of the music. To achieve this, I have to take other things into account as well – the concert hall, the listeners and, of course, the players,” says Michala Petri. Lars Hannibal has been a musical partner at her side for many years. In fact, the guitarist and the recorder player have already performed together on the festival stage 20 years ago! With works by Bach, Gade, Nielsen, and the contemporary Rasmussen, the two crossover artists show that their artistic and instrumental versatility extends far beyond the Baroque.

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