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Mnozil Brass: »Pandaemonium«

Mnozil Brass: »Pandaemonium«

Mnozil Brass

Reithalle , Wotersen,


Anyone who believes that the field of cabaret music lacks serious artists of the highest caliber will be convinced otherwise as soon as they experience Mnozil Brass. When the Austrian brass ensemble takes the stage, it is clear that nobody will be sitting in their chairs for the next 90 minutes, even in the back rows. Mnozil Brass entertains with unique cabaret arrangements of traditional wind music, popular music, jazz, opera and operetta – all at the highest musical level. The history of Mnozil Brass began 27 years ago, when the members met regularly after university at the restaurant Wirtshaus Mnozil in Vienna, Austria, the first home for their triumphal march into applied brass music for all occasions around the globe. The seven thoroughbred musicians and entertainers have an impressive creative output, which is reflected not least of all in their fancy costumes. They have brought new productions to the stage nearly every year since 2000, always playing with earnest flippancy. For their new program “Pandaemonium,” Mnozil Brass turns the tables and illuminates the serious things in life in a not-so-serious way: Why don’t we seek to be saintlier? Why do we prefer joy over austerity? And why do we tend to have more fun at night than during the day? A guarantee for insane entertainment!

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