Sa 11.07.2020 | 13 |Stocksee | Obsthalle | MF 1A

Musikfest Stocksee

Stocksee Obsthalle

Obsthalle , Stocksee,

Traditionally, the first Musikfest of the festival summer takes place at Gut Stockseehof. Four generations of the Hamburg merchant family Baur have owned the estate since 1926; Baurs Park in the city district of Blankenese is a testament to their commitment to traditional North German garden culture. In Stocksee, the huge park with its population of beautiful old trees invites visitors to picnic, relax, and wander during breaks between concerts. The estate’s in-house bakery offers fresh bread and delicious cakes and tarts during the Musikfest. Freshly picked raspberries and cherries are available for purchase to add to a picnic or to take home. The concerts take place in the fruit hall, where the harvest is usually processed. This year, the Danish Kottos Quartet is one of the guests at Stocksee, and Saturday evening is dedicated to “Irish folk”. The best conditions for an atmospheric festival in the countryside!

Presented by CITTI
Productpartners are Kölln, Schwartauer Werke, Dithmarscher Privatbrauerei and Fürst Bismarck Mineralwasser

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