Sat. 10 Jul. 2021 | 1:00 p.m. | Stocksee | Open Air | MF 2A

Stocksee Music Festival

Stocksee Obsthalle

Open Air Stockseehof 1, Stocksee,

Several times a year the beautiful agricultural estate of Stockseehof opens its doors for special occasions, including the “Music Festivals in the Countryside”. The Baur family of Hamburg has owned the estate since 1926. They are known for their commitment to traditional northern German garden culture, and so in Stocksee, too, the extensive park with its time-honored trees is an especially inviting place to relax and picnic during concert intermissions. Delicious cakes, pies, and freshly baked bread will be on offer in the estate’s own bakery during the Musikfest. The enticing fragrance of just-picked raspberries and cherries will enrich the picnic basket or allow guests to relive the music festival experience at home.

Presented by CITTI
Product partners are Kölln, Schwartauer Werke, Dithmarscher Privatbrauerei, and Fürst Bismarck Mineralwasser

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