Sat. 09 Jul. 2022 | 1:00 p.m. | Stocksee | Obsthalle | MF 2A

Stocksee Music Festival "Cherries, raspberries, and Irish folk"

Stocksee Obsthalle

Obsthalle , Stocksee,

Summer fun

When enchanting parks, sprawling estates, and gardens open their gates, it’s time again for the “Musikfest auf dem Lande” events, days filled with live music in the countryside. Discover an exciting program full of surprises in an idyllic rural setting. The chickens and geese running around provide as much entertainment as the stilt walkers, pantomimes, and comical walk-acts. Try your hand at juggling, challenge friends and family to a game of boule, or paint giant soap bubbles in the air. 

Colorful concerts

Barns, riding halls, and cowsheds will once again be transformed into concert halls, where a diverse musical program from Bach and Mozart to Gypsy and Irish folk can be heard. During the breaks, you may enjoy your own food or purchase regional delicacies – or indulge yourself with our freshly packed and convenient picnic box. There will also be a musical program during the concerts for our little festival friends to join in.

Presented by CITTI
Product partners are Kölln, Schwartauer Werke, Dithmarscher Privatbrauerei, and Fürst Bismarck Mineralwasser

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