Sa 08.08.2020 | 13 |Wotersen | Reithalle | MF 5A

Musikfest Wotersen

Musikfest Wotersen
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Reithalle , Wotersen,

The Wotersen Estate suddenly became known at the end of the 1980s thanks to the television series Das Erbe der Guldenburgs. In 1996, after almost 300 years of ownership by the von Bernstorff family, it passed to the Gaedeke family. The manor house or castle was rebuilt in the middle of the 18th century. A huge landscaped park with ancient trees lies behind the castle. The park is only open to visitors during the Musikfest and is ideal for spreading out a picnic blanket and relaxing the body and soul after the concerts. The acoustics of the 19th century riding hall are excellent for concerts, and the adjoining “Remisenhof” and expansive lawns invite guests to linger during the breaks. Visitors can also treat themselves to culinary delights in the old grain barn. This year’s Musikfest in Wotersen under the motto “Happy Birthday Beethoven!” is all about Beethoven’s 250th anniversary. Anniversary of the great composer.

Presented by CITTI
Productpartners are Kölln, Schwartauer Werke, Dithmarscher Privatbrauerei and Fürst Bismarck Mineralwasser

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