Sa 10.08.2019 | 13 |Wotersen | Reithalle | MF 5A

Musikfest Wotersen »Matthias Schorn & Friends«

Musikfest Wotersen »Matthias Schorn & Friends«

Catalina Pires, Gitarre
Matthias Schorn, Klarinette
Christoph Gigler, Tuba
Jarkko Riihimäki, Klavier

Reithalle , Wotersen,

13 Uhr
Wettbewerb um den Förderpreis der Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe

15 Uhr
Preisvergabe und Preisträgerkonzert
Catalina Pires, Gitarre (Preisträgerin 2018)

Bach: Prelude BWV 998; Allegro BWV 1003
Augustin Barrios: Un sueno en la floresta
Jeronimo Gimenez: Las Bodas de Luis Alonso (arrangiert von Kazuhito Yamashita)

17 Uhr
Matthias Schorn, Klarinette
Christoph Gigler, Tuba
Jarkko Riihimäki, Klavier
»Die Glücksspieler«

Mozart in the cowshed, tango in the barn, chickens playing the saxophone, picnics under trees and a children's music workshop for the little ones - the music festivals in the countryside are an experience for the whole family. The musical programme offers something for every musical taste. Experience young talents and great masters in varied formations. Young visitors to the music festival are looked after in the Kindermusikwerkstatt during concert afternoons. Here they sing, drum, paint and at the end a small program for the big ones is performed. During the one-hour concert breaks you can enjoy the culinary offer on site or your own picnic. You will be entertained by magicians, stilt walkers or - almost - a real elephant.

Presented by CITTI
Produktpartners are Fürst Bismarck Mineralwasser, Schwartauer Werke, Dithmarscher Privatbrauerei und Kölln

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