Sa 08.08.2020 | 15 |Schleswig | Schloss Gottorf | K 121

Nielsen bei Hofe

Nielsen bei Hofe

Maria Hartmann, Rezitation
Ulrike Payer, Klavier
Matthias Well, Violine
Cuori Ensemble
Vokalgesellschaft GLAS
Kottos Quartett

Schloss Gottorf Schlossinsel, Schleswig,

15:00 Uhr
Hirschsaal: Eine Kindheit auf Fünen

16:00 und 17:00 Uhr
Kreuzstall: Lyrisch und virtuos

16:00 und 17:00 Uhr
Kapelle: Vom Klang der Natur

19:00 Uhr
Schlossgarten: Nordischer Orient

The focus of the “Nielsen bei Hofe” (Nielsen at Court) concert at Gottorf Castle will once again be on the SHMF’s composer retrospective. The venue, whose history is closely linked to the Danish royal house, will be the platform for Carl Nielsen's music. Actress Maria Hartmann, who will open the day with Nielsen’s autobiographical notes My Childhood, will provide fascinating insights into the life of the Danish composer. Afterwards, the audience will split into two groups to discuss different facets of Nielsen’s work. In the “Kreuzstall,” works for solo violin combined with poems by Danish poet Inger Christensen will inspire the audience to reflect on the catchy songs filling the chapel that are still part of Denmark’s national repertoire. After changing groups, the entire audience will enjoy a finale with Nielsen’s stage music Aladdin: accompanied by the Kottos Quartet and the Danish vocal ensemble GLAS, Maria Hartmann will bring the fairytale story of Aladdin to life.

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