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Nordic Folk

Nordic Folk

Dreamers’ Circus

Kuhstall Gutshof 1, Pronstorf,

New Nordic Folk

The Danish-Swedish trio Dreamers’ Circus has become an integral part of the European folk scene – it is musicians like them who are driving the genre forward, keeping it alive, and adding a pleasant modern take without ignoring its traditional roots. They create a unique sound by mixing virtuoso playing and youthful lightness with Scandinavian folk music and classical sounds, which is inspiring audiences not only throughout Europe, but of late also in Japan and Australia. Things started rather small and almost by chance: When Ale Carr (lute guitar) and Rune Tonsgaard Sorensen (violin) jammed some folk melodies in a pub during a music festival in Copenhagen in 2009, Nikolaj Busk joined them and accompanied them on the piano. They played all night! Six months later, Tonsgaard played his final concert at the Royal Danish Academy of Music – he chose Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5 – and what began as a classical concert developed into an extraordinary Mozart interpretation in folk style, complete with support from Carr and Busk and a triumphant finale with the orchestra. The audience and the jurors alike euphorically celebrated the courageous performance.

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