Tue. 20 Jul. 2021 | 7:00 p.m. | Kiel | Freilichtbühne Krusenkoppel, Open Air | K 54

Philharmonix Open Air

Philharmonix Open Air


Freilichtbühne Krusenkoppel, Open Air Düsternbrooker Weg 81, Kiel,

“Death and the Maiden” - The World of Franz Schubert

The seven-piece ensemble “Philharmonix” was founded by members of the Vienna Philharmonic and the Berliner Philharmoniker orchestras who came together to play what they had always wanted. According to the latest estimations, their stylistic mix is made up of 30% classical music, 20% jazz, 15% each of folk, pop and Latin, and 5% from other genres. The classical music expertise of its members proves not to be a barrier, but rather an inspiring door opener to new and intriguing soundscapes. Their trademark: brilliant arrangements, incomparable virtuosity and, above all, an unbridled desire to make music together. 
The new program “Death and the Maiden” provides an insight into the musical world of Franz Schubert, where joy and suffering were often closely interwoven. Schubert wrote his famous quartet Death and the Maiden under precarious living conditions as he tried to gain an artistic foothold in Vienna where he was born. This is why the program of the “Philharmonix” reflects all facets of life: light and shadow, conviviality, and longing – but always with a little wink.

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