Tue. 10 Aug. 2021 | 8:00 p.m. | Hamburg | Elbphilharmonie, Großer Saal | K 112

Pure Festival Orchestra!

Pure Festival Orchestra!

Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra
Andris Poga, conductor

Elbphilharmonie, Großer Saal Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, Hamburg,

Peter Tchaikovsky:
Symphony No. 5 in E minor, Op. 64
Franz Schubert/Luciano Berio:

The name speaks for itself: “Rendering” refers to the transformation of a pencil sketch into a more sophisticated graphic representation. In the case of the composer Luciano Berio, the sketch is a symphony that Franz Schubert planned but never completed. Berio’s goal is not to complete or reconstruct the fragments – which he describes as “rather complex and of consummate beauty” – but to dedicate himself to them in the sense of a restoration. The result is an exciting three-movement work in which passages whose authorship can undoubtedly be attributed to Schubert alternate with reflective, sometimes fragile connecting pieces. This extraordinary contribution to the SHMF’s Schubert retrospective is set in exciting relation to Tchaikovsky’s sonically powerful Symphony No. 5, or the “Fate Symphony,” which represents a milestone in Romantic orchestral literature. The program offers the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra, with its international line-up, the opportunity to present the full range of its expressive possibilities under the baton of Latvian conductor Andris Poga, who will be conducting the Festival Orchestra for the first time. 

Sponsored by HOLSTEN-Brauerei AG

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