Mon. 02 Aug. 2021 | 7:00 p.m. | Lübeck | Kulturwerft Gollan, Open Air | K 97

Quasthoff & Friends

Quasthoff & Friends

Thomas Quasthoff, vocals & presenter
Simon Oslender, keyboards
Dieter Ilg, double bass
Wolfgang Haffner, drums

Kulturwerft Gollan, Open Air Einsiedelstraße 6, Lübeck,


Thomas Quasthoff has a somnambulistically sure sense for the appropriate style of what he sings. This applies to opera arias, art and folk songs, as well as jazz, pop, and soul. “I've always been very into jazz, and I was heavily influenced by my brother. And when I stopped singing classical in 2012, friends came up to me and said: Man, don’t you feel like making jazz? My voice was completely gone for a year and a half after the death of my brother, but it came back, and now we’re doing jazz with world-class musicians here, and it’s incredibly fun. Thomas Quasthoff’s current program FOR YOU is touching a magical way and impressively proves that an enormously changeable bass baritone can also master genres that are rooted in the African American musical tradition. The “man with the most beautiful voice in the world,” as Stern magazine described him, knows exactly what he is doing and what he wants. The fact that interpretational power and tastefulness come together in this process is now being demonstrated again just as authentically in jazz as it was in his unforgotten Schubert interpretations.

A collaboration with JazzBaltica

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