So 06.12.2020 | 19 | Kappeln | St. Nikolai-Kirche | WK 2

Saitenzauber mit Avi Avital

Saitenzauber mit Avi Avital
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Avi Avital, Mandoline
ensemble reflektor

St. Nikolai-Kirche Rathausmarkt 1, Kappeln,

Werke von Johann Sebastian Bach u. a.

Festive sounds and atmospheric music will bring Christmas Eve a bit early this year with a special concert. The likable mandolin player Avi Avital, who inspires not only with his charming appearance but also with his incredible musicality and breathtaking virtuosity, has once again planned a varied program for this year’s concerts. On stage with him will be some of the musicians of the young chamber orchestra “ensemble reflektor” – an exciting ensemble which in itself claims to look beyond the boundaries of classical concert formats. With festive works for strings and mandolin as well as musical rarities that meet well-known classics, the musicians bring a brilliant glow to the festive season and set the mood for a contemplative celebration in the dark season.

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