Do 09.07.2020 | 20 |Föhr | Boldixum, St. Nicolaikirche | K 16

Schätze der Welt

Schätze der Welt

Kottos Quartett

Boldixum, St. Nicolaikirche Kirchweg, Wyk-Boldixum,

Werke von Vivaldi, Grieg, Nielsen, Piazzolla u. a.

It’s not only the unusual instrumentation of recorder, accordion, cello, and guitar that makes the Kottos Quartet a unique, internationally renowned ensemble. The four musicians in the group, founded in 2013, share a common passion for folk music, and they continuously explore progressive forms and alternative sounds. Their vision: “instrumental folk music from a place that has never existed.” With a high level of musical understanding and perfectly balanced synergy, the Kottos Quartet performs original works as well as those of such diverse composers as Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Astor Piazzolla, and Carl Nielsen. The latter celebrated one of his greatest successes with his exotic and imposing stage music for “Aladdin” in 1919. Even before the premiere, Nielsen had put together a suite of seven movements of this stage music – perfect music for exploring the wide range of sound possibilities of the four musicians from Copenhagen.

Following the concert on Föhr, a chartered W.D.R. ferry has been arranged to Dagebüll.
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