Mo 29.07.2019 | 20 |Hamburg | Ernst Deutsch Theater | K 84




Ernst Deutsch Theater Friedrich-Schütter-Platz 1, Hamburg,


Charlie Chaplin comes to mind, along with Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, turn-of-the-century music halls, the silent film era, and circus and variety shows. But that is not enough to adequately characterize the shows of the Dutch band Släpstick. Because they not only offer slapstick at its finest, but also make music at the same time – and, believe it or not, using about one hundred different instruments. After all, the five musical comedians are all graduates of renowned Dutch conservatories and music schools. They not only use typical instruments like violins, trumpets, guitars, and banjos, but also strange contraptions, such as a double-sided instrument that is a mandolin on the front and a guitar on the back. Performing ragtime, Dixieland, and gypsy, the five entertainers deliver a show that cannot be described in words and is hard to beat in terms of wit and speed.

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