So 09.08.2020 | 19 |Wulfshagen | Scheune | K 128

Starke Farben

Starke Farben

Duo Aliada

Scheune , Tüttendorf,

Werke von Nielsen, Grieg, Gershwin u. a.

“Aliada” is the Spanish term for “connection” – and in the case of the Duo Aliada, the connection is unusual. In 2013, the Polish saxophonist Michał Knot and the Serbian-born accordionist Bogdan Laketic joined forces in Vienna to advance the “rehabilitation” of their instruments as allies. They take music originally written for other instruments and make it their own. Sometimes the saxophone slips into the role of the flute, sometimes into that of the violin, while the accordion replaces an organ or even an entire orchestra. On their debut album New Colours Of The Past, they successfully prove that works from Antonio Vivaldi to Béla Bartók and Alban Berg can be astonishingly colorful and expressive even with just two instruments. After appearances at the Wiener Musikverein, New York’s Carnegie Hall, and the Tonhalle concert hall in Zurich, the Duo Aliada continue their creative journey at the SHMF with works from Scandinavia and North America, bringing well-known works to life in a new way.

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