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Trau dich!

Trau dich!

Mads Hansens Kapel

Westhof BIOgewächshaus Pehrsenweg 1, Wöhrden,

»Trau dich erst, frag hinterher«
Danish Folk Music

Traditional folk music in Denmark is and remains alive and is constantly in motion. The five young musicians of Mads Hansens Kapel are wonderful proof of this. Under the motto “Dare first, ask after,” the ensemble interprets old melodies with verve, authenticity, and passion. The boys come from the islands of Funen and Jutland and grew up with traditional Danish folk music – and not the kind that might make you want to dance, but the kind that forces you to dance. The members of Mads Hansens Kapel came together in 2015 and quickly made a name for themselves far beyond the Danish folk scene. The roots of the individual members lie in different genres and musical styles, but a great love for the rich musical treasure of their homeland connects them. Whether polka, waltz, or other dances, the dance band masters them all with intelligent and creative arrangements played with subtle humor and special attention to detail.

Supported by Westhof Bio-Gemüse

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