Di 20.08.2019 | 20 |Wotersen | Reithalle | K 178

Very Scottish

Very Scottish

Chris Stout, Fiddle
Catriona McKay, Keltische Harfe
Scottish Ensemble
Jonathan Morton, Violin and Leading

Reithalle , Wotersen,

Bach goes Scottish

“Clàrsach” is the name of the Celtic Harp in Scottish Gaelic which is still spoken in parts of Scotland, especially in the Hebrides, in the Scottish Highlands, and in Glasgow. Chris Stout and Catriona McKay come from this culture. With Fiddle and Celtic harp they keep alive the diverse traditional music of their Scottish homeland and are constantly adding to its rich heritage with original compositions as well as commissioned works. After working together for many years, the two are teaming up with the Glasgow-based Scottish Ensemble and its director Jonathan Morton. Both Sally Beamish’s Seavaigers (sailors) for Celtic harp, fiddle, and string orchestra, and Stout and McKay’s Dealer in Hope are true collaborations between the two renowned Scottish ensembles. And, of course, the breathtaking Scottish landscape plays a role here as well.

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