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Bine Bryndorf, Orgel
Mädchenchor Südjütland
Mette Rasmussen, Dirigentin

St. Marien Kirche Marienkirchhof 7, Flensburg,

Carl Nielsen:
»Commotio« op. 58
sowie Werke für Orgel und Chor

“None of my compositions have required such a high level of concentration as this one. I myself consider it to be my most accomplished work,” said Carl Nielsen about his organ fantasy Commotio. It was composed between June 1930 and February 1931 and finally premiered with the organist Emilius Bangert on August 14, 1931 at Aarhus Cathedral. Despite serious health problems, Nielsen was personally present; he had also planned to attend another large-scale public performance in Lübeck as part of the Northern German Organ Week and gladly accepted the invitation to write contributions for the program booklet. Due to serious heart problems, however, Nielsen did not make the trip in October 1931. The organist Bangert went alone to Lübeck and learned of Nielsen’s death a few days after the concert. Commotio not only represents Nielsen’s last striking major work, it is also considered the greatest Nordic composition for the organ alone. The Danish organist Bine Bryndorf will play the solo part for these concerts. She teaches as a professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London and is principal organist at Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, Denmark, where she plays the world-famous organ of Esaias Compenius (1610) every week. Sacred and secular choral songs by Carl Nielsen complement the complex organ work.

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